Strong teamwork

achieved through inspiration and trust.

Investment team is a great mixture of professional experiences and diverse personalities.
They always can be friends to entrepreneurs with real authenticity and belief.
Rocky Kim
General manager
Operations team is responsible for dealing with the stable fund management and support financial risks of portfolio teams.
Market Insight
Aiden Jang
Market Insight team is researching global trends for finding a new potential industry.
Joanne Hwang
PR team leads PR strategies for Kakao Ventures and portfolio teams. Also can help the press release and public risk management for them.
Value up partner
Value up partner can be a mentor to portfolio teams who need real insight and network in this venture world.
Game Changer (Game part)
Jeong-wook, CEO of Neptune, leads creating values of innovative game industry and giving the advices to startups, based on his expertise and deep insight in the gaming industry.
Jaewoo Cho
Value Miner (Blockchain part)
Jaewoo Cho, Steem witness, is responsible for consulting practical insight regarding the blockchain industry to startups who interested in.